We. Are. Open!



After months of preparation, hard work, sleepless nights and everything COVID-19 related we can’t tell you how happy we are to be able to open our doors, even if it just for outside dining for the moment.

Our all new outside area is fully equipped with heaters, blankets and even hot water bottles for those of you who really feel the cold! We like to think that we have thought of everything and this goes through every element of Lockside Steakhouse, from the branded coffee through to the custom made tables and we have more plans for the future!

Matt and Katie are exhausted but so grateful to the whole team for the continuous and ongoing hard work that has allowed the Lockside Steakhouse to be able to open today. You won’t find a more committed team anywhere else.

Opening days can pose their own challenges as all types of issues present themselves but down to the extensive preparation and planning of everyone involved even when the tills decided to briefly go on strike, it was a hurdle that was quickly navigated and a problem that was quickly solved.

So far the Lockside Steakhouse opening has been a fantastic thing to be a part of, a new team both in the kitchen and on the bar working together as though they were old colleagues and customers already leaving vowing to return.

Welcome to the Lockside Steakhouse…enjoy the food!

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