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Has been more than ten years since we’re been to what was previously The Wharf. I was apprehensive about eating there!
We entered though trudging through sodden astro turf (I know the weather doesn’t help, but seriously fake plastic grass?) Which was not encouraging my expectations.
The bar has been beautifully decorated and feels clean. The dining area is a free standing inbuilt area with a false ceiling – this makes it feel cosy, and as claustrophobic as I initially anticipated.
We arrived at 6.30pm with a confirmed groupon booked voucher, but was not in “the book” This, however, did not deter our host- Codie. He immediately said he could fit us in, before I showed him the evidence. His positive reaction put any annoyances straight into the canal!
We sat down in a very comfortable booth. All diners are in these spacious booths and it feels very private.
Codie, our host was wonderfully attentive. He explain the voucher details and offered to take our drinks order. He was busy and always explained to us who he was serving before he came to us. This made us feel reassured and created a positive atmosphere.
We ordered the “succulent pork belly bites” to start. As you can see from the images it is not what was described. Tasty as it was, the pork was chewy. The sauce was butternut squash, sweet potato and red onion. It had an unusual bitter taste, which unfortunately was exemplified by my merlot. The grilled meat was also bitter. But despite that, well seasoned and tasty.
We ordered the rib eye – medium rare- which was cooked nicely. It was a good quality steak and was very enjoyable. Again, my husband complained about a bitter taste from the grill. I myself could not taste it as much as from the pork.
The home triple cooked chips were amazing! I honestly thought they had been cooked in animal fat, instead actually only oil! Beautiful!
I orded the beef dripping sauce – they had run out of bernaise – and hubby had peppercorn sauce. Both were disappointingly bland. However, with the chips was fine! Seriously good chips!
Home cooked onion rings? Beautiful! I regret not having an extra side of those!
I finished with a chocca mocha cocktail which was delicious. Creamy and chocolatey. What more do you want?
Overall, extremely impressive with the venue and customer service.

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